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About NYSC Jobs

NYSC Jobs is a means of making graduate recruitment easier for employers and Youth Corp graduates alike. It assembles all the employers to one location and provides a one-stop-solution for graduate screening, selection and employment. Graduates will take only one set of tests and the results will be accepted by thousands of companies. To be considered for employment on the NYSC Jobs platform, graduate needs to have the following:

  1. A user Profile
  2. GSE Aptitude test scores

The idea behind NYSC Jobs is to make life easier for graduates by:

  • Eliminating the need for Corpers to chase after companies, trying to catch their test dates and in the process missing out on opportunities each time the graduate misses a test date. With NYSC Jobs, the graduate can never miss an opportunity or a test date. Test dates are open to all Graduates. On NYSC Jobs, every graduate is given a fair and equal opportunity to compete for job opportunities.
  • Eliminating the incidence of multiple testing which is the norm today. Often placing graduates under stressful conditions. It is also duplication of effort when looked at from a macro perspective. With NYSC Jobs, graduates only need to sit for one set of tests and the results will be available to all employers in Nigeria. This is a better solution.
  • Providing a single location where graduates can indicate their interest to work for any company of their choice. NYSC Jobs will ensure that graduates always meet the largest number of employers all on a single platform.
  • Eliminating the practice where graduates never receive their results as the scores are generally withheld by employers, making it impossible for the graduates to ever know how well or how poorly they performed. NYSC Jobs will always provide feedback on scores. This allows graduates the required feedback to know how well they have developed their aptitude and to what extent they have mastered the required office ICT skills. alike agree that such feedback is important to guide personal development.
  • Allowing graduates the opportunity for a second chance to retake tests when they feel that the scores are not a true reflection of their ability. NYSC Jobs allows determined graduates the opportunity to strive for improvement. This is something that is absent with the current testing and screening regimes in effect. With NYSC Jobs, graduates are not judged and labelled by one performance.
  • Allowing employers the opportunity to hire graduates with ease for either full time or part time opportunities. By eliminating the testing and screening burden, NYSC Jobs will oil the wheels of employment and allow employers hire graduates without sweat.

NYSC Jobs creates CV Warehousing for thousands of companies on the Exchange to allow graduates indicate their interest to be considered for employment with the Organisations. Employers will consider graduates by evaluating the following:

  • Aptitude test scores
  • Posie ICT Skills results
  • Video interview

Countdown to Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course (stream I)

The countdown has already ended!


I got my first job less than 2 weeks after my service year ended, thanks
to NYSC JOBS. When we were told to take the aptitude test during the Service Year, majority of the
corps members (including me) thought it was just another time wasting and unproductive activity but
we did it anyway and I definitely take back my thoughts on it because it was an amazing opportunity for
me and I’m profiting from it now. I found the testing experience to be smooth, orderly and
commendable. I think that everyone who can take advantage of this platform should do so. You never
know where your next ’ big thing’ is coming from.

Nwoye Odinakachukwu